How to Watch TV on Android: The Total Guide

Watch TV on Android

Android mobile phones and tablets are perfect devices to watch TV on them over the Internet. There is a great variety of apps that are capable of offering broadcasts of channels from all over the world in streaming. There are also applications that allow you to import lists of IPTV channels and even platforms specialized in exclusive movies and series. Whichever model you choose, surely there is an app for you and most importantly, free. That is why we have created this list as complete as possible of Android apps with which to take advantage of your leisure time.

Watch TV on Android

Apps to Watch TV, Movies and Series on Android

We have to warn you: the volatility of Android apps that promise to watch TV is terrible, caused in many cases by the violation of copyright by broadcasting streams without the corresponding permissions. Over time, hundreds of apps of a similar nature have appeared (and disappeared), so there is no use recommending something that does not work. The alternatives on this list have been tested one by one and work under the conditions that we detail in each case until further notice. If your favourite app is not here, tell us about it in the comments or on our social networks and we will see if we have screwed up.

You TV Player

One of our favourite apps with many TV channels at your fingertips. You just have to navigate between its list of available televisions or add your own channel lists to have them in your hand and wherever you are. Of course, it includes advertising that you will have to close from time to time. It is created by Rulosoft, a common company in the development of this type of apps. Automatic update sometimes fails, so nothing better than turning to Malavida.


Wiseplay is another classic video player both stored in memory and coming from M3U lists. To use it to watch TV, therefore, you will have to first have a list of channels that you must search on the Internet, to be able to be updated. Once you have imported these lists, you will have access to the list of channels they include, so make sure it contains the channels you really want to see.

MX Player

Watch Live TV On Your Laptop

Another local video player compatible with multiple file formats and also with the list format that we are always looking for when it comes to watching TV on Android. This one is much simpler and more rudimentary, it has the right options to enter the address of the lists or to navigate through the system in search of the videos you already have. As in Wiseplay, if you want to watch TV with MX Player you will have to earn a few list links on the Internet.


The most popular version of the media centre can be a perfect option for watching TV and taking advantage of the other functions it offers. For what we are interested in, which is watching TV, you will have to install the app and also a few addons, the name given to the add-ons or extensions that extend the functionality of the app.

TV Tap

Another app that fulfils its promise is TV Tap, with streaming TV channels from all over the world broadcasting 24 hours a day so that you don’t lack content. In this case, you must take into account several things, on the one hand, that there are no Spanish channels, and on the other, you need to have an additional player installed which is the one that will be in charge of giving you the image.