How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android

Ringtone on Android

The ringtone is one of the elements that most defines you. In addition to using the generic sounds included in Android, it is possible to use your favorite music. We can say, then, that there are as many ringtones as there are songs and musical tastes. There are several ways to set a custom song as a prompt. Do you want to know them?

Ringtone on Android

Set a song as a ringtone from the settings

  • The first method uses the system’s ringtone selector. You can find it in the Android settings, in the Sounds section.
  • Then select Phone ringtone.
  • In the pop-up dialog, tap on Add ringtone.
  • Using the file browser, locate the audio you want to set as the ringtone.
  • Now, the next time they call you, the chosen song will play.

Add a song as a ringtone with the music player

Some customization layers may not allow adding tones to the predefined list. So use the music player as an alternative. It should be noted that not all manufacturers include a player. Nor can we ensure that all native players include this option. If that’s the case for you, simply download one that supports this feature or take a look at the alternative methods mentioned in this guide.

Song as Ringtone in Android

  • Once you’ve accessed the player, find the song you want to use as a ringtone. Open the song options and tap on Use as a ringtone.
  • From that moment on, the chosen song will have been set as the ringtone.
  • Use a song as a ringtone with Ringtone Maker
  • Finally, we will talk about Ringtone Maker, an application that can help you if the other solutions have not worked for you. You can download and install it using the link you have below.

The application will take care of searching for all compatible files. Tap on the side arrow to see more options.
In the context menu, click on Set as Ringtone. If you want to choose a specific fragment of the song, you can do it with Edit.
Ringtone Maker will immediately change the current ringtone to the chosen song.

Where to find free ringtones?

There are a number of ways to find free ringtones. For example, there are a large number of copyright-free music banks on the Internet that you can freely use for this purpose if your license allows. On the other hand, there are more specific applications, for which we recommend visiting our section with the best ringtone apps on Android. Finally, you can use your own MP3s, both those that you have extracted from your CDs and those that you have bought over the Internet. Remember to transfer them to the internal memory so that they are available.

How to Root your Android Phone?

Root your Android Phone

If you have an Android and some familiarity with it you have ever heard of rooting a device. This process grants superuser permissions that allow access to the innards of the operating system, access to hidden functions and parts that open up a world of possibilities. However check https://www.techy2tech.com rooting an Android phone or a tablet (or whatever you have in hand) is not an easy process, not at all and it carries risks.

Root your Android Phone

Each device is unique since it is influenced by brands, models, versions, factory skins, the previous experience of the developer community in that particular model … On the other hand, you have to be clear about what Root is on Android and what it means to be a superuser. Why so much trouble? It should be a viable option for everyone, but as you can imagine, the interests of users do not always coincide with the interests of technology manufacturers and distributors, and the dangers are obvious.

During the time that Android has been with us, things have changed a lot. What happened 10 years ago has nothing to do with the current situation, and in this process of change, rooting a device is something that has been declining in popularity, possibly because the main advantages offered in the past are not so necessary today when Possibilities have multiplied exponentially and users see practically all their needs covered. It is also true that this has facilitated the appearance of more or less standardized methods that make things much easier for anyone interested.

Here we explain how to root your Android device in the simplest and most efficient way available today, as well as some alternative methods through “miracle” apps that could be useful to you. Always keep in mind that this guide may not be 100% suited to your particular case and that therefore you may need to seek more information. It is practically impossible to reflect here each and every one of the existing methods with all Android devices on the market.

What you should know before rooting the mobile

There are many ways to root devices. However, the quickest, simplest, and most effective way is to use Magisk Manager, a root system that does not alter the system partitions and therefore more secure, contrasted with a large community of users behind it and with some interesting functions, such as being able to hide root from certain apps. So we will focus on him.

In order to root an Android with Magisk, you have to do 4 things:

  • Unlock device bootloader (if locked)
  • Install a modified recovery, in this case, TWRP
  • Install Magic
  • Root the terminal

The idea here is to enable the option to change the system boot menu for an advanced one with more options called TWRP, and through it loads Magisk, the tool that will finally allow us to root the device and that you can control through the Magisk app Manager. Is everything clear?

How to unlock the bootloader

So that you can understand what we are going to do here it is important to know in a generic way how an Android device works as a computing platform. In the bowels of your Android, it is usual to find the operating system installed in part of the internal storage of the device.

Root  Android Phone

As in computers, when you turn it on and before the operating system loads with the interface we begin to interact with, there is a boot menu with all kinds of options. In the Android phones, we buy, this menu is invisible: after pressing the corresponding power button an animation, called Flash Screen, is loaded, and almost immediately we are faced with the PIN requirements. After them, our phone as we know it.

How to access that menu? Through a combination of the physical buttons on your device. What buttons? It depends on your phone:

Google Pixel or Google Nexus: hold the volume down button and press the power button until the Splash Screen.
HTC: volume up and down buttons and power button until initial animation.
Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9: press and hold the volume up button and the Bixby button. Press the power button. Release the power button with the Samsung logo and the rest when the blue Android icon appears.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and earlier: Press and hold the volume up and down buttons, the home button, and the ON / OFF button. Hold for a few seconds.
Sony: Volume up button at power on when the Sony logo appears and the LED light turns amber, pink, or orange.
LG: power buttons and volume down until the recovery menu appears.
OnePlus: same formula as Motorola.

In many cases, devices have an advanced restart option that allows you to boot from the recovery partition directly from the interface without having to remember the button combination. Investigate your settings in case you have this option available. This is usually found under Developer Options> Advanced Reboot.

How to Create and Edit Commercial Videos and Ads Online

How to Make Online Videos

Videos have become the preferred format to communicate, both personally and professionally. Today anyone can record their own videos and create an audiovisual piece to transmit their message through channels of immediate impact such as social networks or YouTube, ideal places to give visibility to our brand, product, service or whatever you need to show.

How to Make Online Videos

InVideo is a powerful online video editor designed to create marketing or commercial videos, although nothing prevents you from using it for any other purpose. And it is that the vast majority of the time getting a perfect video does not depend on expensive and inaccessible software for most users. Advances in technology offer online tools capable of meeting the needs of practically anyone interested in video editing without compromising the quality of the final result.

How to Use InVideo to Edit Your Own Videos Online

When accessing the platform for the first time you will have to register. You have three different options to log in and access the editor:

  • Use a Facebook account: If you are logged into your web browser, it will be enough to give the necessary permissions in the pop-up window visible when selecting this option. If you don’t have it, simply fill in the corresponding fields with your username and password.
  • Use a Google email account: Simply enter your email address and password.
  • Create a specific account for the platform by entering your personal data and an email address.

The main home will be the first thing you see when accessing the platform. At the top you have three shortcuts to different types of video, which will open the editor in full with some preconfigured options. Pre-made Templates offers as its name indicates thousands of templates from which to start working, saving you the laziness of starting from scratch. Text to Video allows you to convert any type of text into an animated video, an interesting option when you want to use a lot of text without resorting to text documents, which are always more cumbersome. Black Canvas allows you to start a project from scratch. Depending on the option you choose below, you can choose the aspect ratio: horizontal, vertical or square.

If you scroll to the bottom you can directly access thematic content. There is also a useful event calendar and shortcuts to the top and most popular categories. We have selected the Pre-made Template option, and we have taken the opportunity to use the available search engine.

The results page categorizes all the entries matching your search and you can navigate between the results by side-scrolling. When you locate the template that interests you, click on it.

Ad Maker

Doing so will allow you to see a preview. Click on Use this template to load that project in the online editor (as you can see, it is still possible at this point to choose between horizontal, square or vertical format for the template). That will immediately take you to the editor.

If you have some experience with these types of tools, everything will be very familiar. If not, it is not a problem, because everything is organized in an intuitive and accessible way.

In the upper central part of the image, you have the preview of the video you are working on. On the left side, you have the menu, from where you can navigate between the library of available resources, access the options for importing multimedia files from your device, the music library or the options to work with masks and shapes, to give some examples (At the bottom of that left sidebar an arrow allows you to fully undo the options). At the bottom of the window, you can see the timeline or timeline of the project. Here you can drag clips of multimedia content to compose the video. In the upper right, you have all the options to add overprinted texts, labels or animations. It allows working with layers, which allows creating more complex and elaborate texts and labels.

From here your imagination is everything. As you can see, just below the preview window are the playback controls with which to start or stop the video. In the timeline, you can place the different video clips in the corresponding channel, and just below you can drag and drop the audio and music files you need.

When you have completed the project and are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is look in the upper right corner of the web for the export options. The blue Download and Share button will open the menu to export the work, offering you two options regarding the quality of the final video.

How to Activate the Crackle On Different Devices

Activate Crackle Account

Nowadays, streaming channels are a priority for everyone to avail of the broad-spectrum of entertainment through online mode. As a matter of fact, with a huge enthusiasm towards the latest live shows and online movies, each day, users are anticipating a lot from the channels. What is Crackle.com activate and what can you do with it can check at https://kinetichifi.com/www-crackle-com-activate/. Crackle as a streaming service has its modus-operandi before it can work on a smart TV.

Activate Crackle Account

To activate crackle on a smart TV is far more than to just download the crackle TV app from Sony and go to Sony crackle.com/activate on your phone or computer browser or crackle.com/activate.

In this league, Sony launches its Streaming service named Sony Crackle that lets you stream online movies and watch TV shows for free. Here in this article, we have mentioned the proven steps on how to setup Sony Crackle on different Devices.

How to Create Free Crackle Account

Crackle.com is a completely free streaming service to watch movies, TV, events, and live programs on your device. However, to activate Crackle on smart TVs you need a valid account. As a result, we would walk you through how to create a free Crackle account.

  • Go to crackle.com.
  • Click on the sign-in button to the top right.
  • Click on “Sign up for free” under “New to Crackle”.
  • Fill the signup form with your personal detail.
  • Click on “Create Account”.
  • Done.

You will see a success message that you have successfully signed up for a free Crackle account.

How to activate Crackle on Amazon Fire Stick

  • To, activate Crackle on Amazon fire stick, you could visit the following page
  • Now, sign in to your account from the computer or smart device
  • Now, open your Fire TV stick and navigate to “My Crackle”
  • Thereafter, you need to click on “Activate this device”
  • An activation code will appear on your TV screen
  • Now, visit the following page www.crackle.com/activate
  • Enter the Activation code which appears on your TV screen to your computer or smart device to activate
  • And, click “Activate”
  • After a couple of minutes, your Amazon Fire Stick will be activated and you are ready to go.

If you have any inquiries or need any further assistance regarding their services, you can contact Crackle through the following methods

How to Activate Crackle on Apple TV

How to Activate Crackle on Apple TV

  • Switch on your Apple TV
  • Navigate to the app section
  • Then on the Apple TV Crackle app to view the crackle activation code.
  • Open your browser and go to crackle.com/activate on your pc
  • Then, Enter the activation code on your Apple TV screen
  • Click on submit
  • Choose your TV cable network provider’s
  • Sign in to your account.

Wait for a confirmation message that you’ve logged into your account successfully, now, go back to your Apple TV screen, and refresh the app to start browsing crackle channels on your TV. With the steps shared above, your crackle on Apple TV will be activated.

How to Watch TV on Android: The Total Guide

Watch TV on Android

Android mobile phones and tablets are perfect devices to watch TV on them over the Internet. There is a great variety of apps that are capable of offering broadcasts of channels from all over the world in streaming. There are also applications that allow you to import lists of IPTV channels and even platforms specialized in exclusive movies and series. Whichever model you choose, surely there is an app for you and most importantly, free. That is why we have created this list as complete as possible of Android apps with which to take advantage of your leisure time.

Watch TV on Android

Apps to Watch TV, Movies and Series on Android

We have to warn you: the volatility of Android apps that promise to watch TV is terrible, caused in many cases by the violation of copyright by broadcasting streams without the corresponding permissions. Over time, hundreds of apps of a similar nature have appeared (and disappeared), so there is no use recommending something that does not work. The alternatives on this list have been tested one by one and work under the conditions that we detail in each case until further notice. If your favourite app is not here, tell us about it in the comments or on our social networks and we will see if we have screwed up.

You TV Player

One of our favourite apps with many TV channels at your fingertips. You just have to navigate between its list of available televisions or add your own channel lists to have them in your hand and wherever you are. Of course, it includes advertising that you will have to close from time to time. It is created by Rulosoft, a common company in the development of this type of apps. Automatic update sometimes fails, so nothing better than turning to Malavida.


Wiseplay is another classic video player both stored in memory and coming from M3U lists. To use it to watch TV, therefore, you will have to first have a list of channels that you must search on the Internet, to be able to be updated. Once you have imported these lists, you will have access to the list of channels they include, so make sure it contains the channels you really want to see.

MX Player

Watch Live TV On Your Laptop

Another local video player compatible with multiple file formats and also with the list format that we are always looking for when it comes to watching TV on Android. This one is much simpler and more rudimentary, it has the right options to enter the address of the lists or to navigate through the system in search of the videos you already have. As in Wiseplay, if you want to watch TV with MX Player you will have to earn a few list links on the Internet.


The most popular version of the media centre can be a perfect option for watching TV and taking advantage of the other functions it offers. For what we are interested in, which is watching TV, you will have to install the app and also a few addons, the name given to the add-ons or extensions that extend the functionality of the app.

TV Tap

Another app that fulfils its promise is TV Tap, with streaming TV channels from all over the world broadcasting 24 hours a day so that you don’t lack content. In this case, you must take into account several things, on the one hand, that there are no Spanish channels, and on the other, you need to have an additional player installed which is the one that will be in charge of giving you the image.

How To Connect Your Android Smartphone To Windows PC

How to Connect Android Phone to PC

If you want to connect your phone to a desktop computer, Android makes things very easy for you . It supports a multitude of protocols and allows the device to be used as an external storage, music controller or digital camera. In this article, we review all the connection methods that you can use to link your computer with Android quickly.

How to Connect Android Phone to PC

Cable Connections

The simplest way to connect a Windows or macOS Android phone is by using a cable. Most of the devices on the market today have a USB-C port that is usually used to charge the terminal. Older devices, on the other hand, include a micro USB connector. Before starting a connection, verify that you have the correct cable.

Once you have connected your mobile with your computer, slide the notification curtain and click on the notification sent by the Android System.

Thanks to it, you will access the connection protocol selector and you will be able to select the method that is necessary in each case.

  • File transfer: By selecting this option, your computer will be able to access the file system of your mobile. It is the most used option and it is the one that allows you to quickly transfer photos, music or any other document.
  • USB tethering: Choose this protocol if you want your phone to act as a modem. When you connect it this way, your PC will have an Internet connection thanks to your phone’s mobile data connection.
  • MIDI: This allows you to turn your device into a musical controller. Use it if you want to play virtual musical instruments. Remember that you will need additional software to do it.
  • PTP: This option turns your mobile into a digital camera. Thus, when establishing the connection, your device will identify it as such and allow you to easily import your photos and videos.
  • No data transfer: This connection method makes the phone undetectable. In this way, the only thing the computer will do is use its own energy to charge the device.

All these methods do not require the installation of drivers or other tools, neither on the computer nor on the phone. However, some manufacturers make official applications available to users to manage the content of the device. For example, Huawei develops HiSuite, Samsung does the same with SideSync and Xiaomi has Mi PC Suite. The respective official connection applications can help you carry out more concrete actions.

ADB and Fastboot Connections

ADB and Fastboot Connections

ABD and Fastboot is a connection method suitable for developers. Thanks to it, you can transfer files, install applications or manage other aspects of the device using the system console. To establish an ADB connection between your computer and your phone, the first thing you should do is activate the developer options. To do this, open the Android settings and go to the About phone section. Then, locate the Build number button and quickly press it several times until the developer options are activated.

  • Without leaving the settings, open the System section and click on Developer options.
  • Lastly, enable the USB Debugging option.

Now your phone is ready to establish ADB and Fastboot connections. On your computer you will need to do the following:

  • Download and install the specific drivers for your phone.
  • Descargar e instalar Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  • wireless networks

What if you don’t have a cable? By using some applications, you can wirelessly connect your phone to your computer. For example, you can use AirDroid to access your contacts, send SMS, transfer files, create folders, view the screen of your phone on the computer and interact with it or access the camera.

Grammarly Premium Free Trial 2021

grammarly premium free trial

Grammarly is a one-stop destination for all those who want to write error-free content. After writing your content, one can easily check out at Grammarly and resolve all the grammatical issues easily. But the main problem arises because it is available in free and paid versions. In Grammarly Premium Free Trial, a user will resolve the problems of adjectives, nouns, and so on, but no passive voice, consciousness, or clarification is there. For the same, they need to switch to a premium version.

grammarly premium free trial

Grammarly is an AI-powered online tool that automatically detects potential issues in the text and suggests context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, style, and plagiarism.

How Can Grammarly Help You?

With over 20 million happy users Grammarly has helped writers come up with a better choice of words, grammatically correct writing and plagiarism free content. It corrects over 400+ types of writing errors!

If you’re a blogger, business owner, freelance writer, student, or teacher, Grammarly can help you.

  • You can find out grammatical errors, check for spelling, check for comma errors (and other punctuation mistakes), sentence structure, fluency, passive voice, conservative word mistakes.
  • Upload your documents directly into the Grammarly editor so no need to copy-paste manually.
  • The powerful plagiarism checker detects content that is already published on the web so that you can correct it before you submit/publish the article.
  • Grammarly works in real-time in the backend – which means that if you write anything, Grammarly will instantly check it for errors.
  • Grammarly is free to use with limited features. However, the free version of the software has sufficient features to get you started.
  • The tool integrates with all the popular applications like Slack, Google docs, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and many more.
  • Grammarly’s extension works in Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • There’s a personal dictionary feature where you can add new words that Grammarly won’t count in the error list.
  • Grammarly also provides you with weekly stats and insights to help you figure out improvement in your writing skills.
  • If you’re a writer or blogger like me you can use Grammarly to detect traces of duplicate content in your writing (or outsourced content) and get rid of it.

Features Of Grammarly

Grammarly is available for free as well as has a premium offering, which provides users with multiple unique features. The free version of the website is a little bit restricted in its features, whereas the premium offering has all of them.

Critical Grammar and Spelling Checks

Grammarly Coupon

Critical grammar and spelling checks are quite necessary whenever you are writing anything online. This free feature allows you to make sure that your write up is free of any grammatical mistakes as well as spelling mistakes. This helps to improve your writing style and work on reducing errors on your own as well.

Integration with apps

The Grammarly website features are also available through extensions. One can download the Grammarly extension for Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail. It makes it a lot easier to correct grammatical mistakes on the fly without having to visit the website continually.

Social Media

Grammarly can be connected to your social media accounts as well to make sure that you do not ever make a mistake on a casual post. After all, we all hate spelling mistakes and

grammatical errors on social media. There is always that one guy who would go out of their way to correct your mistakes online.

Repetitive words

The key to an insightful article is to ensure that you do not repeat yourself throughout the write-up. Grammarly would allow you to remove these repetitive words and also provide you with synonyms to cover up these issues.

Smartphone Portability

Grammarly is available throughout the devices that you have to share. Android and IOS apps allow you to keep your work in check even on the go with your smartphone. Apart from the Grammarly app, you can also download the Grammarly keyboard to form correct sentences every time.

How to Mirror iPad and iPhone Screen on Mac

See iPhone or iPad Screen on Mac

Seeing the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac is something that we may need more than once. Whether it’s to watch a series, play games on a bigger screen, or simply because we need the iPad or an iPhone screen to look on the Mac. Fortunately, we have two options to do so.

See iPhone or iPad Screen on Mac

How to Mirror iPad and iPhone Screen on Mac

In order to reproduce the screen of our iOS device on the Mac, we have two options. We can use the cable and connect it to the computer, or we can use AirPlay and do it wirelessly. Although this last time, we will need an app on the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using a cable

If you use this option you will not have to download any additional app or program on your Mac, with what we already have installed is enough for us and we have plenty. Here are the steps to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Mac using a cable:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac with the charging cable.
  • Unlock the device and tap Trust this computer if the message appears.
  • Now on your Mac look for the QuickTime Player application.
  • In the top bar click on File> New video recording.
  • You will see how the webcam starts.
  • Next to the record button, click on the little arrow that appears.
  • In the Camera, section select your iPhone or iPad.
  • You will automatically see your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac.

This system is designed to record the screen of our iPhone or iPad, however, the sound of a video or movie does not play. Although it can be interesting when sharing the screen of our device from the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using AirPlay

The easiest way to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen is always using AirPlay. However, for some strange reason, Apple doesn’t have Macs turned on as AirPlay receivers.

That is, there is no way to activate AirPlay on the Mac so that it works similar to an Apple TV. But we do have applications that we can install on the Mac that activate AirPlay to be able to duplicate the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac wirelessly.

These are the best applications to have AirPlay on your Mac, all of them can be tried for free, although then you have to pay to activate them:

  • AirServer. Free trial for 30 days. Available for Mac and Windows and priced from € 6.99.
  • X-Mirage. 15-day free trial. Available for Mac and Windows and priced at $ 16.


  • Reflector 3. Free trial for 7 days. Available for Mac, Windows, Android and FireTV and a price of € 19.36.

LonelyScreen was one of the most famous apps, but it doesn’t work on new versions of macOS, so until the developer updates it, we can’t recommend it.

Once you have one of these apps installed, you just have to start it on your Mac, and they will appear on your iPhone or iPad as AirPlay devices. Just follow these steps:

  • To mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac, slide out the Control Center, tap Screen Mirroring, and select your Mac.
  • To send a video, just click on the AirPlay icon and select your Mac.
  • To stop duplication just follow the same steps.

The good thing about using AirPlay is that everything is wireless and that we preserve the original audio. Which makes it perfect for sending videos and multimedia content from iPhone or iPad to Mac. My advice is to download the free versions and try which one works and then choose the best one.

How Technology Facilitates Family Reconciliation

Technology Facilitates Family Reconciliation

Technology is presented as a great ally in the face of the challenge of family conciliation arising from the health crisis caused by COVID-19. The search for a successful family conciliation has become a priority issue for those families who have little time to coordinate work, personal and family life. Fortunately, technology is presented as an effective bridge to this problem, especially considering that the use of the internet and digital penetration in Spain increased by fourteen percentage points, from 78% to 92%, before and after the pandemic. respectively.

Technology Facilitates Family Reconciliation

Proper management of digital immersion by mothers and fathers can help them to better adapt to new dynamics. But first, let’s review what is family reconciliation.

What is the Family Conciliation?

Family conciliation seeks to achieve a balance between the personal and work life of mothers and fathers and the care of children, hence, for example, the existence of policies such as paid leave.

As data of interest, according to a UNICEF investigation, Spain is ranked 14th out of 31 countries analyzed in the European Union and the OECD in terms of internal reconciliation policies, where parameters such as the duration of paid leave stand out. of maternity and paternity (which in 2020 corresponds to 12 weeks and in 2021 will be expanded to 16) and the value of nursery schools, among others.

Importance of Stimulation in Children

Although this idea has been losing popularity over time, there are still some parents who think that their children should go at their own pace, thus losing the opportunity to stimulate them from an early age through activities and games for children.

Early stimulation in infants and children is essential for cognitive development, the evidence of which is already accepted by the vast majority of the neurological and neuroscientific community. Audrey van der Meer, a Norwegian neuroscientist, has conducted various experiments that account for the rapid development of neurons and connections by subjecting the little ones to practice new motor and intellectual skills.

One of the most important aspects he mentions has to do with the importance of stimulating children both outside and inside the home; hence, the enhancement of skills in quarantined children becomes particularly crucial.

Digital Platforms to achieve Family Conciliation

Collecting all of the above, it can be seen that digital penetration has permeated the country for the better, that family reconciliation is necessary for both mothers and fathers and children, and finally that the constant stimulation of the little ones through activities and games for kids represents a challenge that should be given special attention in quarantine.

Effect of Technology on Family

Now, what solutions can relate these three edges to help with family reconciliation? Know these three examples:

Dommuss: this platform was developed especially with a focus on family organization. This app is a private space where you can share calendars with weekly menus, household notes, lists, contacts related to family activities (such as childcare or private classes), as well as share photos to consolidate the entire organization of the home in one place .

Nannyfy is an app for children that helps families achieve conciliation through an online platform that delivers quality content to girls and boys, allowing them to learn by creating, discovering, experimenting and playing, as well as encouraging them to socialize safely through the internet, through live activities that are directed by expert, specialized and trained Nannies. In addition, all the activities offered by this app for children contribute to children’s stimulation, especially motor and cognitive.

Do it Tomorrow: this simple, intuitive and minimalist app allows the different members of the family to focus on the tasks of today and tomorrow, avoiding being overwhelmed by the other obligations of the week, ideal for achieving better time management at home and for the family.

Essential Digital Nomad Tools For Every Remote Worker

Digital Nomad Tools

Being a digital nomad is a trend that has gained many followers around the world. These are people who work remotely using the internet to offer products or services to all kinds of customers as they travel the world and are filled with new experiences every day.

Digital Nomad Tools

More than a working modality, it is a way of life that brings interesting benefits and an increasingly common trend in different countries thanks to the possibilities offered by digital tools. This is how 54% of those who consider themselves digital nomads travel full-time, while the remaining 46% say they travel part-time. In addition, 51% say they live in hotels.

If you want to know more about the life of digital nomads, below we will tell you all the details you want to know about how remote work works while you move around the world and what tools are essential to lead this lifestyle.

The Advantages of being a Digital Nomad

Without a doubt, generational change is one of the main factors that have given way to this way of life that raises a change in priorities: fewer material goods and more life experiences that allow you to learn. In return, digital nomads enjoy great benefits:


Remote work gives you the freedom to move when you want and work from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a good connection). Thus, you can have your office in the middle of a forest or on the edge of the sea, a privilege that would be unthinkable in the traditional way of working.

Schedule flexibility

Generally, digital nomads do not work on a schedule, but rather their work is organized into goals that must be achieved in a given time, which requires being very disciplined and responsible.

For this reason, if you decide to jump into the nomadic lifestyle, you can organize your work according to your own convenience and thus you will always have space for a relaxing getaway.

The fact of changing places every so often gives you infinite options to make good contacts and access jobs in different countries. Since everything works digitally, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you can accomplish your tasks.

Who can follow the digital nomad lifestyle?

In theory, we can all make some changes in our habits to adapt to this new way of life. Without going any further, the context of the global health crisis has pushed many people to adopt teleworking as a new labor paradigm, in the absence of other options that allow them to continue working in person.

It is estimated that, during the pandemic, the number of workers who perform their functions under this formula went from 4.8% of those employed in 2019 to 34%, which poses a challenge for those who are less familiar with the new technologies.

However, as some jobs work mostly through digital platforms, there are certain professions where it is easier to be a digital nomad. Some are:

  • Programming and web design
  • Online Consultant
  • Photographer
  • Copywriting and web writer
  • Online translator
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Cybersecurity

Teleworking tools that are at the service of digital nomads

If you want to perform professionally remotely, you need some tools for teleworking that you cannot miss:

The Digital Nomad Life

Portable: choose one that meets all your work needs. Most of the professions that digital nomads pursue require high-performance equipment, so stay up-to-date on the latest technologies.

External hard drive and storage: always useful to extend your storage capacity and, more importantly, to have a backup of your most important files. Also, don’t forget about cloud storage, so you can access your work from anywhere. Platforms such as Dropbox and Movistar Cloud offer fast and intuitive solutions.

Powerbank: You can’t run out of battery! This is essential for every digital nomad. Thanks to technologies like ChargedUp you can count on powerbanks wherever you go. ChargedUp is the most extensive network of phone chargers in Europe and it allows you to get this portable tool when you need it, take it with you and return it at any of the available stations. Discover the points where you can withdraw your powerbank easily, quickly and safely, on the ChargedUp website.

Online platforms: having some labor management software will allow you to better organize yourself wherever you go. Microsoft Teams is a platform that helps you organize teamwork through digital dashboards; Slack, for its part, will allow you to stay in touch with your customers in a more comfortable and professional way.

Power adapter: if you travel to other countries you will notice that in some places the power outlets are different, and you will need an adapter to connect your devices.