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Q: Why should I use your site instead of directly on a brand’s website or through an Online Travel Agency?

A: With other sites, you often have to complete multiple searches to get the results you are looking for. StayAtHand offers enhanced search capabilities that will give you the information you are looking for, faster and more easily than ever before!

Q: What do you mean by expanded search capabilities? Can you give me some examples?

A: Sure! StayAtHand’s search capabilities gives you access to more data through our super search, so you can make better decisions, faster. It’s searching with power by activating your x-ray vision! Here are some examples:

Search broader than you’ve ever done before.

Haven’t decided yet between Orlando and Los Angeles for your next trip? You can compare rates in both locations AND across various dates to help with your decision.

Up for a road trip? Search across your state to find the best rate within driving distance.

You can search multiple locations at the same time. Just click the “add” button to add another location (city, state, or airport codes work on their own or in combination)

Be as focused with as much detail as you want, upfront.

Like the idea of staying at a Ritz Carlton at the lowest price point regardless of date restrictions? Use the Marriott Brands check boxes on the left to select Ritz Carlton only and then sort your results by price or location.

You can find a specific, named hotel and search by price point. Just type in a hotel name (or brand) and your preferred price points.

Search in combinations you’ve never thought possible. You have the power to couple, uncouple, and recouple dates, locations, and prices.

Search one place anytime.

Want to search for hotels in Orlando in May, but just want to browse dates? Go for it.

Search multiple locations at the same time.

Not sure whether to get away to New York City or Las Vegas? Decide when, and compare away.

Search multiple dates at the same time.

When is the best time of year (or season) to book a weekend to your favorite escape? Find the answer with one search.

Have a series of weekends you’re available to travel/stay, but don’t know which will work best? Search your favorite hotels or other location range AND by your available weekends to learn where to get the best rates on multiple weekends.

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Keep searching for our best deals!